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2017-12-07 Floor Joists

Posted by Odette on 27 Dec 2017

Luke built some floor joist upstairs

Although below is a silly picture of Luke acting epic about hammering in the last peg in the timber frame, it does show the joists of the upstairs floor he was building.  They are put between the original joists that were spaced 24″ apart. So, really overkill. You can see the old joists are stained black from a fire next door that happened years ago. All the new joists rest on top of the timber frame, are super sturdy and very level.  We can house a couple of elephants up there…if they would be willing to climb the ladder or future staircase of course.

I am so impressed and cannot wait for the sub-floors to be nailed on top, so I can do my little celebration dance there.

2017-12 Upstairs floor joists 1



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