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Kicking the tires…

Posted by Mark on 11 Jan 2010

We want Odie’s to be a place where people visit with each other.  Folks should come to Odie’s to see their friends, listen to their music, admire their artwork, join them for club meetings, and otherwise connect up together.  We’ll bring the refreshments.

As part of that concept, we’re trying to set up a compatible web presence for Odie’s Cafe.  It will be important for us to get our messages out to our customers, but also to let our customers converse with each other.  Here’s a quick list of some of the technologies we are looking at:

  • This WordPress blog, so Odette or I (or other authors we add later) can write articles about new food, events at Odie’s, or whatever.
  • A youTube channel, so we can add, for example, an interview with a local artist.
  • A FaceBook page (and maybe a mySpace?), so you can connect up with other fans.
  • A Twitter account so you can keep up with fast-breaking news (“Hey guys!  Just put on a new pot of decaf!”).
  • Some kind of calendar software so you can see what events are coming up at Odie’s or book them yourself.

If there’s something you’ve used or seen at other sites that looks like it would help us, please let us know in the comments below!


One Response to “Kicking the tires…”

  1. Mark said

    A couple more things to add to the list:

    • Picasa
    • Google maps

    Decided to stick with the Google option for photo sharing since we have a YouTube account…

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