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Nifty phone number

Posted by Mark on 7 Jun 2011

Thanks to Google Voice, we snagged a nifty phone number:

(757) ODIES-4-U

It’s a pity we could only find it available in the adjacent (757) area code.  That will cause some confusion for people who use the numbers (634-3748), but the letter spelling was too good to pass up!

The number will be going to voice mail until we are open, but feel free to check it out.

Check out Google Voice to get a vanity number, to save your cell phone number when changing (or canceling) your phone, or to add functionality to your phone number.  I’m still testing the new features it offers, but I like what it promises!


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Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3…

Posted by Mark on 22 Feb 2010

If everything works, this message should start out at our website, show up on our Facebook page, then go out to Twitter…

How cool is that?

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Nearly there…

Posted by Mark on 21 Feb 2010

Spent some time working on the website while snowed in the past couple of weeks…

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Kicking the tires…

Posted by Mark on 11 Jan 2010

We want Odie’s to be a place where people visit with each other.  Folks should come to Odie’s to see their friends, listen to their music, admire their artwork, join them for club meetings, and otherwise connect up together.  We’ll bring the refreshments.

As part of that concept, Read the rest of this entry »

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