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2017-12-07 Putting in the last peg of the Timber Frame

Posted by Odette on 8 Dec 2017

Ironically, when we put together the last line of the timber frame and tried to fit it in it’s final place, there was a 2″ mistake I had made.  The brace was 2″ longer than the horizontal beam.  In all the work we had done, this had to happen in the final piece of the puzzle and it stood out like a naked man in the snow (only, in a bad way).

Today, several years later, Luke and I went back to the building to continue construction on Odie’s.  This mistake was the first thing that had to be fixed before securing the joists of the upstairs floor.  Luckily we figured out how to do it without taking it all apart.  And after a good day’s work Luke hammered in the last wooden peg of our timber frame.  It all fit like a glove.

Yoohooo!!!  Thank you Luke. I am so excited.  Onto the next project.




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