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Posted by Odette on 4 Jul 2011

Our place in Floyd

After having lived an exciting and adventurous life in South Africa, Mark and I moved with our two sons, two dogs and four cats to the USA in 2003.  Our first 6 years in America were on a rural piece of land up in the hills of Floyd County, Va.

Floyd County is beautiful.  That is if you like farmland.  It has 321 sq. miles of green hills and cows with a population of 15,418.   Apart from the mountains being astonishingly beautiful, peaceful and mind clearing, the people are relaxed and friendly.

During fall, the colors are amazing.  People come from long ways to view the spectacular views on the blue Ridge Parkway.  Where we lived, 30 minutes away from the town of Floyd, the slippery hills and a few feet of snow made it easy to not be able to get out for a week or so.  Just us, our pets, the firewood and some stored food.  It was adventurous and exciting.  But the excitement of music and entertainment happens in the small town of Floyd.  (There are also some yearly festivals at the Blue Ridge Parkway).

The Town  of Floyd

The Town of Floyd is tiny.  It only has one stoplight. In fact, it is the only stop light in the whole County.  The buildings are old and there’s an organic atmosphere.  People enjoy being outside on the streets.  Young and old mingle to dance and play music.  There’s always some music on the weekends and sometimes during the week.

Here’s a link to The Town of Floyd.

MUSIC: Friday Night Jamboree.

Every Friday night there are people coming to perform on the street. It is not organized by anyone, they just come with their instruments and start jamming.  It’s like a little festival.  There are perhaps four or five different groups playing different kinds of music accross the street, but most of it is Country and Blue Grass.  People gather from all over to listen.  The dancing happens mostly inside the Country Store.


Nextdoor at the Dogtown Roadhouse Pizza all kinds of bands come from all over.  They have a music hall with dance floor.  There’s a large stage with lights and inhouse PA.  They play Rock, Blues, Jazz or whatever.  They serve alcohol, but youngsters are allowed in.  So far there have been no problems with under 21 kids enjoying the music while the adults drink. They also has a smaller stage for the new and upcoming bands.   SPOONFIGHT…those are our little boys.

We loved living in Floyd County,  every minute of it.  But, Mark ended up working in Nottoway County most of the time (some four hours East).  So we moved with our cats, dogs, goats, llamas and sheep.  We left the property and our grown boys behind (they had girlfriends and music they could not separate from).  Now we live on some acres near Burkeville, and are renovating an old building in the historic part of Downtown Blackstone.


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